Transformer Spare Parts Manufacturer Our final product, RUNTHALA TRANSFORMERS are subjected to all the routine & special tests in our sophisticated laboratory confirming to the latest national and international standards. The purpose of these tests is design validation,performance excellence, safety, and long term reliability of the transformers. We are equipped with an adequate digital readout measuring devices and the latest digital sampling techniques. Precision digital meters such as digital power analyzer, WT-130 of Yokogawa of Japan are used for measuring load losses, impedance voltage, no load losses and no load currents.

All Transformers undergo the following routine tests:

• Insulation resistance test
• Resistance measurement of windings
• Turns ratio test
• Polarity and phase relationship test
• No load losses measurement
• Excitation current measurement
• Impedance voltage test
• Load loss measurement
• Insulation oil Test
• Dielectric test
• Leakage test

Type Tests :

Type tests are done to ensure that the transformers can withstand all irregularities in transmission/distribution line.We have an in-house facility to test temperature rise and impulse. All these tests meet the latest national and international standards of inspection/testing. Other tests such as short circuit withstand tests (Dynamic & Thermal) are conducted at an independent government recognized testing laboratory at Central Power Research Institute (CPRI)in Bhopal & Bangalore and ERDA in Baroda, India.

Type test are special optional tests: (These tests are carried out at an additional fee)
• Impulse voltage test
• Temperature rise test
• Short circuit test