Research & Dovelopment

Transformers Manufacturers Design & Development is a continuous process. A highly qualified and experienced technical personnel keep an eye upon the latest development in technology and product development. Transformers are designed to meet all the latest national and international standards, including IEC, ANSI/IEEE, BS, DIN, NEMA,etc.To drive continous innovation, high speed machines are used to analyze and compare the data in order to simulate the condition on the field.

In-house software developed by qualified IT professionals in assistance with a highly qualified design personnel are used to further ensure long term reliability and design accuracy to incorporate custom built product requirements of our customers.

1) Design Optimization in terms of:

• Labour and material costs
• Capitalization of losses.
• Specified performance characteristics such as impedance, temperature rise, efficiency & noise levels.
• Mechanical design with fittings & accessories for specifying overall dimensions and weights.
2) Distribution of voltage stresses under impulses, lighting and switching surge conditions.
3) The ability to withstand the thermal and dynamic effects of shorts circuit.
4) Analysis of those areas where high electrical stresses can occur.
5) Calculate and minimize stray losses, hot spots, electrical gradiants, etc. by electrical and magnetic field analysis.