Oil Cooled Distribution and Power Transformers with OLTC

Oil Cooled Distribution and Power Transformers with OLTC Oil Cooled Power and Distribution Transformers with OLTC
(Power and Distribution Transformers with ON Load Tap Changer)
RANGE : Upto 15000KVA in 11 & 33 KV Class.

RUNTHALA INDUSTRIES covers a wide range of Oil Filled Power and Distribution Transformers with On Load Tap Changer(OLTC) conforming to the international standards of quality and safety. These transformers are designed and developed using the latest technology and can be provided with a variety of terminations so as to suit the requirements for any new installation or replacement.
Optimum efficiency is ensured by a delicate proportioning of core and winding losses using CRGO M3 to M5 MOH Lamination, electrolytic grade copper with transposition in L.V. coil for current sharing in parallel conductors, electric grade press paper, boards and mineral oil. Careful designing also reduces noise level to the minimum.

Standard Specifications :

Capacity - Up to 10000 KVA
No. of Phases - 3 Phase
Frequency - 50 Hz.
Voltage Range - Up to 33 KV
Tapping - Tapping range +5% to -15% @1.25% on HT side
Insulation - Class A
Vector Group - Dyn 11
Duty Cycle - Continuous
Winding - Aluminium / Copper Wound
Terminals - As per required

Standard Fittings :

Rating & Diagram plate - Earthing terminals
Lifting lugs - Thermometer pocket
Oil Conservator - Air release hole with plug
Oil Level indicator - Explosion vent
Top-filter Valve - Inspection cover.
Silica gel breather - Drain  cum bottom filter valve
Cooling radiators - Cable Box on L.T. Side
Oil Temperature Indicator    

Optional Features :

Buchholz relay with or without alarm and trip contact (as per customers requirement) - Magnetic oil level gauge with alarm contact
Pressure Release Valve - Marshalling box with O.T.I. or with O.T.I and W.T.I
Cable Box on H.T. Side - Cable Box on L.T. Side.
Oil Temp. Indicator with or without alarm & trip contact