Cast Resin Transformers

Cast Resin Transformers  Cast Resin Transformers

Based on the rising demand in our Indian market, Runthala Industries has introduced the Cast Resin (Dry Type)variety of Transformers. This product supplements our existing product viz. Vacuum Resin Impregnated Dry Type Transformers(Though both the types are still in use). We manufacture Resin Impregnated Dry type Transformers upto 5 MVA, 11 KV range.

Moisture Proof In cast-resin dry-type transformers, the complete encapsulation of primary and secondary winding in epoxy resin prevents penetration of moisture into windings. The cast resin offers very good protection against adverse ambient conditions. These transformers can work without disruption of service at 100% humidity.
Immediate Switch on Due to the high grade insulation material, coils are non hygroscopes & the transformer can be switched on directly without pre-drying even after a long period of service interruption.
Impulse Strength Contrary to the conventional dry type transformers, the cast coil transformers are better with respect to withstanding high impulse voltage.
Short Circuit Strength Higher dynamic short circuit can withstand more strength as compared to oil immersed and conventional dry type transformers due to fibre glass reinforced epoxy encapsulation.
Free of partial discharge's No partial discharges can occur during its operation.
Resistant to temperature fluctuations The insulation material used is glass fibre reinforced with epoxy resin of class 'F'can withstand wide temperature variation.
Non inflammable and self extinguishing Due to the use of high quality insulation material, the transformer is practically non-inflammable by an electrical arc.Special fire protection measures are not required.
No Maintenance Required Due to encapsulation of coils with the cast resin, the coil dimensions are stable & no coil tightening is required to maintain the short circuit strength. Also no oil level check and electrical insulation/oil is required. This leads to saving of high maintenance costs.
No leakage or pilferage of oil As cast resin transformers are solidly cast, problems associated with the oil filled transformers like oil leakage and pilferage of oil are completely avoided.
Saving in Space These transformers are generally smaller in dimensions and weigh lighter. The construction and installation cost for the sub-station can be reduced by adopting dry type transformers.
Saving in civil work cost and LT cables Without fire or danger of explosion, it is possible to place the transformers closer to the load centre. Also, these transformers do not require construction of special fibre brick walls or oil pits.Additionally, since LT cables are not required, thers is also saving in cost on account of expensive cable laying works.
Eco-friendly Since no oil is used in these transformers, there are no chances of contamination of ground water due to oil leakage.

Standard Specifications :

Capacity - Up to 5000 KVA
No. of Phases - 3 Phase
Frequency - 50 Hz.
Voltage Range - Upto 11 KV
Tapping - ± 5% Taps on H.T. Side in steps of 2.5% each
Insulation - Class 'F' / 'H'
Vector Group - Dyn 11
Winding - Copper/Aluminium  Wounds
Terminals - As per required

Standard Fittings for Cast Resin Transformers :

Winding temperature Indicator - Cable Box on H.V. / L.V. Side.
Lifting lugs - Uni directional rollers

Advantages of Cast Resin Transformers
• Can be safely placed closer to the load center or even near to the load.
• Reduced cable drops.
• Negligible smoke generation.
• Suitable for indoor installation.
• Suitable for as low as -25° C ambient temperature.